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Frank Seeley AM

Founder and Chairman of Seeley International,

Australia's largest air conditioning manufacturer

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For more than 50 years, Seeley International€™'s Convair evaporative coolers have led the industry in performance. In fact, we pioneered all-plastic evaporative coolers around the world €“ - an approach which is now the industry standard.

Before we started making our own coolers, I sold portable evaporative coolers on commission. I noticed that the metal parts in the coolers corroded. So, I thought that, if we could make a cooler entirely of plastic, we could eradicate that problem.

Most people told us it couldn€™'t be done, but we persisted and success has been smiling on us ever since!

Convair soon became the market leader with its Australian-made, quality portable evaporative coolers €“and still leads the world today. Convair coolers are now found in their millions throughout the world, from the harsh conditions of the Australian outback to the biggest cities in the world, including London and Paris.

Because of their advanced design features, Convair coolers deliver performance that is superior to all other comparable evaporative coolers.

Applying the same uncompromising approach and standards which have made the Convair evaporative coolers the benchmark of the industry, Seeley International has also established Convair portable refrigerated air conditioners and tower fans as pace-setters in an expanding portable cooling and heating range.

Sometimes, it€™'s not possible or practical to get a fixed heating or cooling system installed €“and that€™'s where our portable range comes in.

Convair is one of the many leading brands manufactured by Seeley International. Seeley International exports Australian-made products to more than 100 countries under the brand names Breezair, Climate Wizard, Braemar, Coolair, as well as Convair.

Today, more than ever, you can trust Convair for portable coolers that deliver real cooling, real reliability and real value. I am delighted to introduce to you this year'€™s exciting Convair range.



At Seeley International, INSPIRATION is at the heart of everything we do! We are committed to innovation and excellence – and our success in delivering on that commitment has been recognised by our many awards, as well as by our global presence. Click here to see a list of our recent Industry Award wins.


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