How do I use an evaporative cooler?

  1. Place your cooler near an open window or door and then open an additional window for cross ventilation.
  2. Add water and plug the cooler into a standard power outlet, and switch on.
  3. Adjust the water flow and fan speed to your comfort level and enjoy!


How to use an evaporative cooler - step 1How to use an evaporative cooler - step 2How to use an evaporative cooler - step 3

Why is Convair better?

For evaporative coolers to work, they need three critical elements: the filter media (pads), the fan system and the water distribution system. Convair has cleverly combined these components in each model to maximise the cooling effect that each model can deliver. It is this formula that sets Convair coolers apart from all of the rest. Some other evaporative coolers provide no cooling at all – they just move air around, like a fan.

Here’s what you need to look for when purchasing a portable evaporative cooler:

  Filter Media (pads)
Fan System Water Distribution System

What to look for

Air must pass evenly through a moistened pad

→ Look for a design that provides a consistently thick pad for the air to pass through.

Lots of air means lots of cooling.

 Look for a big fan that provides even distribution of air through the filter media (pad).

The water distribution system must be capable of completely saturating the filter media (pads).

→ Look for a system that doesn't leave any dry or open sections of the pad, air will pass through but will not be cooled.

Convair Magicool Convair uses Chillcel® or Aspen cooling pads.Convair uses Chillcel These pads force all the air to come in contact with evaporating water, so you get the maximum cooling effect. Convair has an advanced fan that is designed to deliver maximum magicool_fancompare_1airflow with minimum noise. This type of fan forces air to pass through the saturated filter pad in far greater volume than others can. Convair uses a patented water distribution system that ensures the filter media stays totally saturated. This unique channel designwater-distribution00000_1 resists clogging and delivers a steady, even water distribution at all times.
Products from other manufacturers Some units use a very ineffective “towel” instead of a purpose-built pad. A towel system delivers up to 20 times less heat exchange than Convair Ineffective towel filter mediaChillcel® because air can bypass the filter media, so is not cooled. A small tangential fan will not force air through the dense filter media that is needed. Without air passing through a small tangential fan will not force air through the dense filter media that is neededthick moistened filter medium, the air will not be cooled. A water distribution system that uses small holes does not work well because the small holes become blocked over time. Water distribution system with small holesThis means that filter pads do not stay saturated and the air will not be cooled.